About Panthera Esports

Originally established in 2017 as 'Ether Sim Sport', the team has always been about bringing people together from all walks of life to accomplish a common goal. To win endurance races.

We are proud to be a multi-national team, comprised of sim racing and motorsport enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and occupations occupying every corner of the globe.


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Endurance Racing Specialists

Panthera Esports is a sim racing team that specialises in Endurance racing primarily on the iRacing and ACC platforms. We focus on competing in official iRacing special events, the iRacing Endurance Le Mans series (GTE and LMP1), VRS Endurance Series (GT3) and third party leagues using both iRacing and ACC.

iRacing Grand Prix Series

As of iRacing 2020 Season 4 we are committing a full season program to the iRacing Grand Prix Series that will once again feature the McLaren MP4-30.

As with our endurance racing programs, we use a telemetry analysis based approach to provide our drivers with competitive setups and stratagies that allow us to maximize results every week.

Data Analysis & Driver Development

We are committed to using all the information avaiable to help us improve as individuals and as a competitive force.

By using a variety of third party and in house developed software solutions to analyze telemetry, statistics and strategy we enter every event as prepared as possible, ready to fight for the win.

Join the team

We are always on the lookout for motivated sim racers who are looking to take on the unique challenges of endurance racing.

We only ask that you are comfortable communicating in English and have held a road iRating of over 3000 at some time in the last 3 months.

If that sounds like you then don't hesitate to join our Discord server and let us know you're interested in becoming a part of the team.

Get in touch

If you would like to contact the team for any reason please visit our Discord server.